His Path

I feel like I’m stuck in a blogging block. Every time I blog lately, its about big live events! Or maybe its just that SO MUCH is changing in a short amount of time, although it seems like we’ve been in the low for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, its been a low but the Lord has provided more than we ever expected.

So with all that being said, I’m so happy to inform y’all that my incredible man just received an offer for his dream job! YAY!!! Jared is officially offered a position as a North Carolina Wildlife Officer, also known as a Game Warden! He starts school in January.

It all happened fast and unexpected. For a period of time we were attending a church in a surrounding county before we found our home church, The Grove Church. We were eager to meet couples to have community. At a church event one night we met a sweet couple. The husband just happened to be a Wildlife Officer so of course him and Jared hit it off chatting. And the wife loved Essential Oils, so we were in conversation heaven, ha! Anyways, they chatting and we needed up connecting on the socials. Time went by and we ending up leaving that church.

One day back in the summer I got a message from the wife informing me that her husband mentioned they were hiring Wildlife Officers and Jared should apply. Y’all, it was the day before the last day they were accepting applications! We had one day basically to get this done. Luckily Jared had a lot of the work done where he has almost taken NC State Trooper job a few months back but decided to move forward with school and pass on the job. We thought, what do you have to loose by applying so go for it! Well as time passed, he was offered an interview! We were excited but not too excited since he has had a crazy history with jobs since leaving the Marine Corps. Then he was offered another interview and we knew things were getting serious. We had a lot of “what if’s” going through our minds but staying on prayer and completely giving it to the Lord. Our payer was for His will to be done. We knew Jared could continue with school if it wasn’t meant to be.

Then they day came when he got the offer! We were so excited but there were still two more tests he has to pass. Part of us knew it was a done deal, but the other part still knew there was a chance it might not work out for some crazy reason. Literally, one test was a physc test, ha! So off to Raleigh we went for a full day of testing. Then waited some more.

This morning he got the OFFICIAL OFFER!!! So he is off to school in Salemsburg starting in January. I’m so excited and proud of him. However I’m not looking forward to our time apart. School is 7 months and then shadowing an officer for another 6 in a random part of the state. I feel like I’m preparing for a deployment, minus him being in a third world country war environment. We’re doing the same emotional + mental workup – minus his life being in extreme danger. It may be weird for you to compare the two, but thats how I’m dealing with it. I’ve had him home for some time now and it’s going to be hard to have him gone. But he is working towards something bigger! And we’ve been through worse! So I know we’ve got this. We’re jumping in full force and excited to see what the Lord unveils in our future.





photos by Sarah + Paul Photography

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